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Reduce costs and claims, enhance patient outcomes and increase employee satisfaction through the integration of nurse triage support. Since 2018, Access Point has developed and fostered relationships with physician practices, health systems, health plans, FQHC’s and ACO’s across the nation to provide the most effective nurse triage support.

We utilize Schmitt-Thompson guidelines, the gold standard in telephonic assessment, to provide the highest level of insight to direct patients to the right level of care. Through this, our registered nurses (RNs) provide a thorough telephone assessment to help guide your patients to the appropriate level of care, whether it be home care, referral to the emergency department (ED) or setting up an appointment. This detailed support helps to avoid unnecessary, and often costly, patient admissions to care settings already experiencing heightened capacity constraints.

Studies demonstrate that ED visits made by nurse triage services were 33% more appropriate than patients making self-referrals to the ED (80% vs. 60% of visits deemed appropriate).


Benefits of Nurse Triage Services

Our agents answer calls within 30 seconds with call back within 30 minutes by an RN (unless symptomology requires an immediate connection).

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