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Virtual Care

Virtual Care

Remote Patient Monitoring, Device Support, and Population Health Support

Access Point is a leader in clinical program support. Through our expertise, we can support your patient population 24/7 by providing a highly experienced clinical team of registered nurses that can support a variety of programs ranging from education and support offerings, hotlines to responding to device alerts.

Access Point supports a number of technology partners and health systems with clinical support, allowing them to focus on the technology enhancement, deployment and organizational growth while Access Point manages the clinical staffing needed. This also allows our partners to offer a full-service end to end solution or simply a technology solution dependent on their client’s needs.

Access Point also can provide customized solutions to meet specific needs clients may have where highly trained and experienced clinical teams are a key to success. These programs may include but are not limited to hotline support, care management support, population health education programs, assessment services, referral support and concierge level service offerings.